What Should I Know As An Amputee


As a patient, did you know there are new socket technologies that have been developed which can significantly improve your comfort, prosthetic outcome and quality of life? EMS, through the application of scientific studies, will bring you these advantages.

  • - Greatly improves proprioception and control of prosthesis during gait

  • - Reduces sweating by minimizing high/low pressure differences due to its compliant variable response capability

  • - Both its inner and outer sockets are dynamic in nature thereby accommodating shape changes that are taking place during prosthetic usage

  • - Increases the surface area of the flexible inner socket by 100% due to the multi-surfacing

  • - The multi-surfacing also increases the linkage or connection between the residual limb and socket by 400%

  • - Forces are disseminated over broad compliant surface area thereby reducing high peak pressure loads that are common in standard sockets

Contact your prosthetic provider and ask for the EMS Socket Technology.