I highly recommend his Complete EMS Socket System!

I’ve been an amputee (BK) since the age of three. I’ve seen a lot of changes in the world of prosthetics since the 1970’s. I can remember as early as my teens starting to concern myself with how I might function in my older years with a prosthesis. That was before I met Carl Caspers.

Carl introduced me to the Harmony vacuum system which he invented and not only did it immediately change the health of my leg and physically abilities but it also gave me peace of mind about my future.

This past year Carl introduced me to another incredible invention of his, the Complete EMS Socket System. As an amputee Carl, has taken his experience and married it with his brilliant scientific mind to develop a complete system that provides comfort, control, stability and more opportunity for long term limb health.

With previous liners I have had issues with friction due to liner movement through activity and perspiration. Carl’s EMS Socket System has a cast-like fit and it moves with my leg – not against it. This liner feels like it’s another layer of skin! I also don’t have any issues with the liner creasing above my knee. Best of all the vacuum link is more immediate and substantial giving me much more stability and movement.

Another notable difference in my limb since using the EMS Socket System is fuller volume. My leg doesn't appear atrophied as it has in other systems. Carl Caspers is the Thomas Edison of prosthetics! I highly recommend his Complete EMS Socket System!

- Chantell Rust

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