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Socket Harmony

The new book by Carl Caspers!
10 years of research, 60 years of wearing. An in-depth look into amputation protocols and socket design requirement.
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Cutting Edge


Carl Capsers doesn't mind being an amputee as long as he doesn't have to live like an amputee. Carl Caspers, CPO and inventor, has turned a teenage tragedy into a lifelong quest for more comfort and better mobility for amputees, which means cutting edge prosthetics.
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What Should

I Know

Our industry gets stuck in the 'old' ways of doing things and I want the professionals in our industry to understand how physics and physiology – the compliance, the relationship between the existing limb and the device.
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Product Info

We have been so amazed how this socket system has transformed the lives of the amputees we have fitted. Following is all of the information you need to properly cast your patient so we can best fit your patient with our EMS system.
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“I highly recommend the
Complete EMS Socket System! Carl is the Thomas Edison of prosthetics!

CHANTELL RUST | EMS Sockets Patient
Inventor of the vacuum
socket system
and Founder
of EMS. | WATCH |
Carl Caspers, CPO | Inventor | Founder